The best restaurant at the beach in years!

The best restaurant at the beach in years! Our waitress was engaging and guided us through the whole menu and checked on us throughout the meal with gentle caring. We decided that our main course would be the grilled whole rock-fish, and then backed up a bit to decide small first small dishes. One was grilled calamari with a wonderful spicy sauce and the other was exquisitely seared scallops. Then came the boned and beautifully presented rock-fish that we paired with Brussels sprouts. Two drinks before the meal and 2 glasses of chilled white wine with the main course led us into a shared crock of maple creme brullée. And a small glass of green Chartreuse capped the wonderful meal. Although there was some football game on the TV across the room, the volume was off and we heard just pleasant background music. We were in a side front room away from the hopping bar, our atmosphere was just downright pleasant.