Introducing Our Harvest from Renowned Ocean City, Maryland, Restaurateur

Ocean City, Maryland, restaurateur, John Trader, founder of the highly acclaimed Liquid Assets and L.A. on Location, is opening Our Harvest, a new restaurant in Fenwick Island, Delaware, this Spring. Trader approached this new project with the same passionate, unwavering commitment to providing a unique dining experience and hospitality that he applied to crafting Liquid Assets and L.A. on Location into the successful businesses they are today. According to Trader, Our Harvest is designed to…

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Liquid Assets owner to open Our Harvest in Fenwick

For John Trader, owner of Liquid Assets in Ocean City, the dinner table is more than a simple surface to set down a dish and take your nightly sustenance. It is a place of community, a place of reflection and of intimacy and, most importantly, it is a place to shrug off the burdens and complications of everyday life and simply the enjoy the moment with friends, family, fine wine and — of course —…

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Our Harvest in Fenwick Island a forward-thinking throwback

Sitting on a leather couch older than they are, John Trader, legs crossed, relaxed, made a proclamation about his and all of our grandparents and their dinner tables. “I feel like our grandparents were better at having dinner than we are,” Trader said. “I feel like our grandparents, at their kitchen tables, there was conversation. There was connection. “Now we have dinner in our car, we have dinner on the couch watching the game,” he…

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