Dining delight

My husband and I have dined here several times and always order way too much! We There are always so many enticing and interesting mouth watering things to try and our 4-6 visits a year always end in a ‘for tomorrow’ bag.

Last night we took my visiting parents here for dinner, as they were intrigued by the small plate/feast description we gave them. Previously, it’s always been my husband and I, so we were happy to have some more bellies along to justify 2 feasts! We each got our own small, but we all also shared; lamb meatballs, calamari, steak tartare, roasted oysters & flank steak. We then agreed on the vegetables feast, crab flatbread and the rockfish feast. Y. U. M.!!!! And yes, we ended up toting 3 containers home…

It’s hard to say which was better, the food or the fantastic service Ruby provided to us in the little alcove off to the right. Ruby was fantastic; patient and kind and eager to answer any questions – the perfect attendant! Thank you Ruby! To be honest, we’ve always had great service here, but Ruby is definitely the shining star atop the tree!