Food Beyond Compare!

Food is beyond compare. Sorry if you judge small plates by price there are some good Buffet options. If you judge food by quality this is it. Yes the bread and butter is 8 dollars. You get 2 homemade breads of different variety and great blueberry butter. Fried cauliflower is unbelievably good. Paella is great. Main dishes are family style and wonderful. They use a balsamic on the salad that even an Italian will say “wow.” Desserts are decadent. Good is farm fresh. Service is relaxed and impeccable. The entire place seems like a 78 RPM played at 45 in a good way. Unrushed. Low key. They take pride in their food and it shows. Soft shells were great. Wrapped figs excellent. And you can feed a family at 30 dollars a head. If that is an issue then this is not your choice but if that is Ok you will enjoy a mirage of flavors and freshness.