Get ready to try a lot of delishish plates to share! Attentive to dietary restrictions.

A lovely and large newer edition to the Fenwick Island restaurant scene, my family joined another family for dinner one evening in August. As you walk into Our Harvest, to the right is a large bar, with sports on TV and seating areas around it for guests to enjoy drinks and appetizers. There is a smaller dining area in front of the bar, but the large dining area to the left is where our party of seven enjoyed dinner. After we informed our waitress of a diner’s allergy, both the waitress and kitchen staff were very attentive to the dietary needs of one of the children with us who has a nut allergy. That led us to do a little less plate sharing that would be expected in this establishment though.

The home-made bread was a great way to start our night. The warm sourdough bread was served with two choices of butter: traditional and a blueberry honey butter.
The waitress suggested, for my husband and I, we order three small plates to share or two feasts. We opted for three small plates and honestly that was plenty! After the bread was gobbled up, we enjoyed their baywater blistered shishitos prepared with a sambal butter and sesame salt, the charred wagyu flank steak, and the Berkshire short ribs. The flank steak was paired with crushed avocado, sea salt, lime and was amazingly tender. I recommend you order it medium rare as we did. The pink meat paired perfectly with my glass of Pinot Noir from the bar. You may come to expect a bone-in short rib dish to be a bit on the fatty side, but the chimichurri and lime accompaniment made it so delectable I didn’t even notice! I would have liked to try a small plate with cheese, but my husband doesn’t eat dairy, so I unfortunately had to skip out trying the Hot Goat Cheese and Corn Relish and the Burrata and Tomato Salad (maybe next time!). Since there’s no separate kid’s menu, the children shared the traditional wood-fired flatbread, which was prepared with a house made tomato sauce, Italian buffalo mozzarella, (and we opted to skip the basil pesto due to the nut allergy).

Overall, the size of the dining room, friendly wait staff and ambiance, and generously sized tables for large parties makes this a great dining experience for large groups.