Outstanding menu and service

I had dinner here on a weekday, with 5 other people. We shared several appetizers and main courses, including a Caesar salad, a mushroom dish, a mixed salad, a whole Rock fish filleted, a vegetarian paella, a vegetarian flatbread, and two delicious desserts, a baked Fresh peach in a blueberry cream sauce, and a bread pudding. Each dessert was composed of 6 servings. The timing of the delivery of the various courses was perfect, and all the dishes were excellent. Our server made several recommendations for the dessert, and they proved to be unusual and tasty. Three of the other guests had eaten here before and attested to the consistent quality and service each time. The menu is extensive, including many shellfish entrees, for which Maryland is noted. The restaurant was full, and it does require reservations, especially if you are in a large group. We ate at 6 p.m., and the restaurant filled up about an 1 and a half hour later, when we left.