Dining delight

July 27, 2019

My husband and I have dined here several times and always order way too much! We There are always so many enticing and interesting mouth watering things to try and our 4-6 visits a year always end in a ‘for tomorrow’ bag. Last night we took my visiting parents here for dinner, as they were intrigued by the small plate/feast description we gave them. Previously, it’s always been my husband and I, so we were happy to have some more bellies along to justify 2 feasts! We each got our own small, but we all also shared; lamb meatballs, calamari, steak tartare, roasted oysters & flank steak. We then agreed on the vegetables feast, crab flatbread and the rockfish feast. Y. U. M.!!!! And yes, we ended up toting 3 containers home... It’s hard to say which was better, the food or the fantastic service Ruby provided to us in the little alcove off to the right. Ruby was fantastic; patient and kind and eager to answer any questions - the perfect attendant! Thank you Ruby! To be honest, we’ve always had great service here, but Ruby is definitely the shining star atop the tree!


Fabulous food, groovy bartenders Marty & Jake!

July 23, 2019

This was my 2nd visit, my BFFs first. We snagged seats at the bar on a busy night and drooled over the extensive menu. Jake worked his magic to create my requested pomegranate martini, and my Wagyu Flank Steak was perfectly done, medium rare, and melted in my mouth. The tomato and burrata salad was achingly fresh and a wonderful compliment to the meat. Marty & Jake kept us laughing with an easy banter that made us feel most welcome. Oh, and the Avocado Chocolate Mousse with strawberries, coconut and whipped cream? Perfection again. Thanks for a delightful repast!


Small Farm to Table Plates that more than Satisfy!

July 14, 2019

What a fabulous find! In the hustle and bustle of the summer ocean goers, we found the perfect farm to table restaurant! The small plates were delicious and they prepared everything in plain view! Kevin (one of the owners) was telling us how he takes his employees to the farms to help them understand the importance of how produce is grown. Our favorite was the Charred Wagyu Flank Steak but the Berkshire Short-ribs were a close second! We look forward to returning to try the chicken and rockfish! These are part of the “Feasts” menu that can be shared and we will certainly return to try these meals! The incredible flavors of their dishes more than compensates for the small plates! Treat yourself and enjoy the perfect Farm to Table experience!


Outstanding menu and service

July 05, 2019

I had dinner here on a weekday, with 5 other people. We shared several appetizers and main courses, including a Caesar salad, a mushroom dish, a mixed salad, a whole Rock fish filleted, a vegetarian paella, a vegetarian flatbread, and two delicious desserts, a baked Fresh peach in a blueberry cream sauce, and a bread pudding. Each dessert was composed of 6 servings. The timing of the delivery of the various courses was perfect, and all the dishes were excellent. Our server made several recommendations for the dessert, and they proved to be unusual and tasty. Three of the other guests had eaten here before and attested to the consistent quality and service each time. The menu is extensive, including many shellfish entrees, for which Maryland is noted. The restaurant was full, and it does require reservations, especially if you are in a large group. We ate at 6 p.m., and the restaurant filled up about an 1 and a half hour later, when we left.


Let the Feast Begin!

July 02, 2019

An awesome, relatively new choice in Fenwick Island. Our Harvest is a great choice since it caters to all diets. Gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and meat lovers can get a great mean. Warning: NO reservations. But there is ample space in the bar area to stretch out, have a drink and an app. Wine list is fun. My sister is vegetarian, I’m dairy free and my wife is gluten free. We all enjoyed it. Oh yes, my brother-in-law is just food normal. The restaurant has a variety of offerings from small plates to feasts for two. Everything is a la carte but the bill was very reasonable. All the veggies are local and fresh (some grown on site). I had the lamb meatballs and my wife and I shared the Arnold Palmer brined chicken. Both worthwhile. The four of us split the veggie feast which had broccoli, fingerling potatoes and roasted mini carrots. All tasty. We will go back.